Grout Cleaning Services

Charlotte’s best Tile and Grout Service: Restore Tile and Stone

Tile and grout are an integral part of the services we offer. Every tile floor natural stone or otherwise has grout. That grout can become a real sore point for home and business owners. The trouble with grout is really two fold. First grout is a low point in the floor so it is the most likely place for soil to settle. Second grout is the most porous portion of the floor and high susceptible to discoloration from soil buildup.

There are three types of grout we work on. 1) Sanded 2) Non Sanded 3) Epoxy. Sanded and Non Sanded are the most common that we work on. Sanded grout is characterized by its wider joint and rough texture compared non-sanded grout. Non-sanded grout is smooth and typically used on thin joints and in showers. Epoxy grout is the strongest and most stain resistant of the three but is not commonly used because of its expense.


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